ShipIt is a professional software program to calculate and compare national and international shipping fees.

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  • Do you ship packages worldwide regularly?
  • Are you annoyed because of expensive shipping costs?
  • Do you lose track of special rates which are offered by various shipping companies?
  • Wouldn't you prefer to find quickly the cheapest shipping rate without extensive research in numerous price lists and tariffs?
  • Do you quickly need to know the shipping rate of a special shipment to your customer?

It is not a secret anymore, that shipping companies are specialized on single destinations to offer very attractive prices for this area, whereas the same package shipped to another destination with the same company costs much more than with any other shipping company. That is why it is always recommended to compare prices individually for each country and in this way find the cheapest and best shipping method and company.

This program helps you to check which shipping company is the cheapest one for a destination.

How does it work?

At the beginning, enter your individual tariffs and prices of your shipping companies (like DHL, FedEx, TNT and others) into your ShipIt program. Get an overview about the cheapest shipping solution for your destination.

ShipIt is an easy to use program for your shipping department or sales department of your company and is usefull to get a fast overview about all shipping companies and to calculate the costs.

The program can show the shipping price of your packages to any country. So you can quickly make offers to your customers and send out complete quotes.

To make your research even faster you can enter and save dimensions and weights of your standard packages which you ship regularly.

Cit.: "Since we are using ShipIt, we have saved about 30% on our shipping expenses."
"Once you have entered all your individual prices you can daily use the program during your work. Shipping costs are quickly visible and customer quotes are sent out faster than before."


ShipIt! is used to calculate and compare shipping costs of different shipping companies and freight forwarding businesses. Especially when it comes to international shipments ShipIt! shows its full power.

  • Input of individual price lists
  • Administration of any shipping company
  • User interface in German and English
  • Export and import of CSV files
  • Intuitive user interface
  • User's Manual as PDF document